29 Income Reports To Propel Your Blog's Success

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There are two things on the internet that I just can’t get enough of...online courses and income reports.

Are you addicted like me? I used to binge watch Netflix, but now it is all about staying up later reading income reports.

Income reports can be so motivating. Anytime I start to feel discouraged I go read an income report and instantly I am inspired.

I want you to see your potential to, so here are twenty-nine income reports to propel your blogging success.

The numbers below are based upon the gross income on their sites. Many bloggers do have related expenses that lower their overall income. This post includes a brief overview of their blog and their income earned in the report. For the complete breakdown including their expenses click through to their post.  

I have broken the income reports into categories based on the amount of income earned. 

Becoming Wellthy - $153.56

The majority of Lauren’s income in this report is from her freelance VA services. Your blog can be a great platform to promote your services!

Frame To Freedom - $401.16

Rebecca has been blogging for 10 months and she just published her first income report. She is a busy mom of two, works part-time, plus has a real estate business and her blog. Phew! She is practically a superhero. Rebecca’s blogging income this month was generated through affiliates and ads on her site.

The Mostly Simple Life - $940.70

Almost all of Christine’s income in this report is from affiliate marketing, with a small portion coming from advertising space. Even though her pageviews decreased this month her income increased. Win!

Drink Coffee And Prosper - $1,007.17

Jenn’s monthly income is allocated between affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts and her own products.

Start A Mom Blog - $1,007.48

Suzi is one of my favorite bloggers. She is sweet and her content is always so helpful. Early on in her blog, she launched her book Blog By Number. Over $800 of the income in this report is from sales of her book. (P.S. I’ve read her book and it is such a great place to begin if you are considering starting a blog).

House of Brazen - $1,153.73

Elise was one of my first ever blogging buddies. She is a pro at affiliate marketing and also has her own digital products. With about 5-6000 pageviews a month her traffic is converting into sales incredibly well!

Well Kept Wallet - $1,270.60

Deacon’s income is spread between affiliate marketing and ad networks. He saw an increase of 59%  in his traffic directed from Pinterest when he started using one of my favorite Pinterest tools, BoardBooster.

Mint Notion - $1,274.00

Mint Notion is a Travel and Finance blog written by Eden. The majority of her monthly income was from ads. Her second earner was from affiliate marketing.

Meera Kothand - $1450.92

Meera is a genius when it comes to all things email marketing. This month she made almost $1200 from her course Email Lists Simplified and Mini Course Email Optin Blueprint. I am in her course right now and there is so much valuable information in there! Her other income is from affiliates and paid speaking opportunities.

Moms Make Cents - $1561.85

Hey! This is my little piece of the internet. Just over $1200 this month was from affiliate marketing and the remainder was from the first few days of the pre-sale of my course Pinterest to Profits. Overall, I am really happy with this income report. This month I had just over 20,000 page views which means that my for every 1000 views I made over $15. That is pretty high for a newer blog!

Redefining Mom - $1,702.64

Monica’s blog helps working moms save their sanity. She recently started blogging full-time! Her income is divided between affiliates, sponsorships, client work and her own digital products.

Easy Baby Life - $2,045

In August Easy Baby Life had just over 300,000 page views and made over $1,900 from ads! The remaining income was via Amazon Affiliates.

Productive and Pretty / Side of Income - $2196.82

Jen seriously amazes me! She is a full-time working mom, plus she is able to manage TWO blogs. This income report breaks down her income for both blogs. The majority of her income was earned through ads, followed by affiliates and sponsored posts.

Arts And Classy - $2,499.96

Meredith’s blog had approximately 165,000 page views this month. Her income was spread between ads, affiliates, and sponsorship opportunities.

Women Winning Online - 3049.54

Jen is one of my favorite blogging buddies! She has so much knowledge in the industry and is super passionate about helping women build their businesses. Her income is almost entirely from her own products and membership community.  

Carly On Purpose - $3365.38

Carly has only been blogging for seven months and is raking in some serious dough from her blog! This month she hit nearly 200,000 page views. About ⅔ of her income was from ad revenue, the remainder was from affiliate products.

The Realistic Mama - $6639

One amazing thing to note about Alida’s income report is that this income was almost entirely passive. With two kiddos and a move she didn’t have much time to spend on her blog this month and still made an amazing income! Her income was divided between affiliates, sponsored posts, ads and her own products.

Emma Drew - £6,967.36

Emma is a major side hustler! She has six different sites, plus freelances, has rental income, a book and sells on eBay! Approximately £897.64 of this month's income came directly from her sites.

LBee And The Money Tree - 8813.46

Lauren’s blog teaches how to earn more income and increase your net worth. The majority of her income this month was from staff writing. She also made money with affiliates, sponsored posts, as well as her own products and coaching.

What Mommy Does - $9,026

Lena’s income came from four different revenue streams, ads, sponsored posts and her ebook, How I Increased My Monthly Blog Traffic from 17K to 350K Page Views per Month. I’ve been working through her book and it is so good! I can’t wait to incorporate some of her strategies!

Organize Yourself Skinny - $9,260.31

This site has a TON of traffic. This month it had 892,047 page views to be exact. WOW! Talk about blog goals! Her income this month was spread between ads, affiliates and her own product.

Horkey Handbook - $22,982

The majority of Gina’s income was from her courses 30 Days to Freelance Success and 30 Days to Virtual Assistant Success. She also made a significant amount from her virtual assistant services and writing projects. If you would like to learn more about becoming a freelance writer check out her free course for writers and free course for aspiring virtual assistants.

Sarah Titus - $23,424.18

Sarah has such an amazing story and was able to grow her blog to $23,424 by her second year blogging! The majority of her income is from affiliates and ads. She also made about $1,700 from her own products.

The Busy Budgeter - $24,347.68

This month Rosemarie killed it with affiliate marketing! Affiliates were over $18,000 of her income! The remaining income came from Ads and her own products. P.S. if you need a great resource for saving money check out her site!

Club Thrifty - $25,934.44

Holly and Greg blog full-time on their site Club Thrifty. Their motto is to “Stop Spending. Start Living.” In this report over $21,000 is from freelancing with the remainder coming from affiliates, sponsorships and consulting. Club Thrifty is a great example of how you can turn your freelance business into something incredibly lucrative!

Pinch of Yum - $39,727.80

Pinch of Yum is a food blog run by Lindsay and her husband Bjork. The largest chunk of income in this report was from sponsored posts and public speaking. They also made a considerable amount from affiliates, ads, and their own products.

Just A Girl And Her Blog - $44,094

I love Abby’s income reports. I remember one day beginning one and then suddenly an hour passed and I’d read about ten more. They are so organized and I love the aesthetic of her site. The majority of her income was via her own products. I personally have her book Building A Framework and it is a fabulous resource if you are ready to take your blog to the next level. Abby also made a large chunk from affiliates and sponsored posts.

Making Sense of Cents - $102,911

I have been a huge fan of Michelle’s blog for years. She shares tons of information on living frugally and making more money. (I was totally “star struck” when I did an interview with Michelle on my blog a couple of months ago). Michelle does extremely well with affiliate sales over $56,000 from her blog this month was from affiliates. The second biggest earner was her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This is the course that helped me go from $0-1200 in affiliate income on my brand new blog. If you are considering the course check out my full review over here.

Smart Passive Income - $167,314.31

No income report list would be complete without Smart Passive Income. Pat Flynn is pretty much the King of income reports. His reports are super organized and not to mention, he makes BANK! Before expenses, he made $167,314.31. I don’t know about you, but to me, that would be an insanely good yearly salary! Pat totally knows his stuff. Over $100,000  of his income was from affiliates (have I mentioned I LOVE affiliate marketing?), the remaining $60k was from book sales, course sales, niche sites, sponsorships and software/apps.  

For even more income reports check out this roundup from Side of Income!

Remember our five ways to make money blogging?

1. Ads

2. Sponsored Posts

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Services

5. Selling Your Own Product.

In these income reports we have observed them all.

Affiliate marketing was the most consistent earner overall. Bloggers from every one of the income brackets earned a significant portion of their income from affiliate marketing.

Ads also played a large role. Once you have a significant amount of traffic it can be worth it to have ads, but when you are starting out I prefer not to have ads. Why? With little traffic, you will likely only see a few dollars in ad revenue a month. Instead, I recommend banners to other content on your site to keep your readers engaged.

Sponsored posts were mentioned in many of the reports, however, they did not make up the majority of any of the reports (with the exception of Pinch of Yum). It is wise to diversify your income streams so even if sponsored posts aren’t a consistent source of income for your blog I would still recommend having a media kit and pitching to brands relevant to your niche.

Your blog can be a great platform to promote your services. Horkey Handbook and Club Thrifty are great examples of that. Each grossed over $20,000 on their monthly income reports and a large portion of that came from services.

If you are interested in providing services on your blog check out Gina’s (from Horkey Handbook) free courses on becoming a VA and freelance writing.

Lastly, is selling your own product. Many bloggers in this report sell their own products. For example, I sold my course Pinterest to Profits, Suzi sold her e-book Blog by Number and Michelle sold her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

Are you inspired yet?!

Income reports are so exciting to me. They remind me of the potential that is out there. If you put in the time and don’t give up on the hard days, you can do it too!

Want to know my secret Pinterest strategies that took my blog from 0 to 20,000+ pageviews and $0 to $1,500 a month in three months? Grab a spot in my free Pinterest course!

Four Ways To Stay Organized With Google Drive

Hey mamas! McKinzie here. Today Gabrielle is going to share how she uses Google Drive to keep her life and business organized. I know I could always be a bit more organized, so I am excited to check out her tips. If you enjoy this post comment below and let her know! 

Let’s face it, life as a mompreneur can be hectic! It requires a keen sense of knowing how to balance whatever is thrown at us. Learning how to manage this sort of life can be difficult, but luckily we live in a time where a wide variety of organizational tools are available to us. 

I don’t know about you, but I favor tools that can be accessed anywhere at any time, and in my opinion, one of the best systems for that is Google Drive. 

With Google Drive, you can organize almost anything you could ever imagine. Lists, spreadsheets, checklists, PDFs, photos, slideshows, webinars and more can all be housed in one database that can literally be accessed anywhere both online and without the internet. Who could ask for more?

Creating an organizational system from scratch can be challenging, especially with everything that comes up on an average day, but with these simple tips you’ll be on your way to a simpler life and business using Google Drive:

1. Keep Separate Folders For Business & Personal Matters

While it may be hard to literally separate life from business this is the first distinction you should make with your organizational system. My Google Drive homepage is set up so that I only see two folders; one for business and one for personal matters. This keeps things simple from the get-go and there is no guessing game as to where something might be when I need to access it.

My business folder contains all information that’s essential to keeping my operations afloat such as client-related documents and prospecting spreadsheets. I also use this folder to house all of ideas and inspiration! I specifically love to use Google Slides to map out my potential program offerings.

In the personal matters folder, I keep spreadsheets and documents that relate strictly to my personal life such as my cleaning routine checklist, password spreadsheet, and my monthly budget.

It is a good idea to create a written list to determine what types of things you would want to house in each folder and to think about what makes sense for you and your life.

2. Stay On The Same Page With Shareable Client Folders

The most important folder in my Google Drive database is my “Clients” folder, which is something I suggest having if you run a service-based business. You can easily switch out the name of this folder using the label “Customers,” “Advertisers” or “Sponsors” depending on what type of business you operate. The reason I deem this folder the most crucial to my business is because it allows me to keep everything between my clients and I super organized. Plus, Google Drive allows you to share everything with your clients which can be extremely convenient. 

Within my “Clients” folder I maintain an individual shareable folder with each of my active clients. I hold a copy of each client contract, a Google spreadsheet that’s used as a timesheet, and whatever else my clients and I share with each other. 

This is a great way to ensure nothing gets forgotten or lost! And, if you have paper documents that pertain to your business you can easily take a photo of them or scan them and add them to your Google Drive. This way you’ll have access to them all the time from anywhere.

3. Access Your Passwords From Anywhere With Google Spreadsheets

If you’re anything like me, constantly dealing with a case of the “Mommy brain” you know how difficult it can be to remember things like account passwords. Stop trying to house little details in your mind and organize those things! 

My favorite and most effective way of keeping passwords handy is by creating a Google Spreadsheet to record them all on. It may not be the most secure document in the world, but you can access it from anywhere. 

So, let’s say you lock yourself out of your computer because you can’t remember your password and the only place you have it recorded is online. You’re out of luck, right? Not if you keep a password spreadsheet on Google Drive! Simply download the Google Spreadsheets app on your smartphone and you will always have access to your passwords even when you are locked out of your computer.

4. My Favorite Spreadsheet Of Them All

One of my favorite spreadsheets to keep on Google Drive is the one where I record my income. Who doesn’t love to keep track of how much money is coming in?

Being aware of how much money you are making is crucial in business, and is necessary when it comes to things like doing your taxes. Another reason I love to keep track of my income is because it allows me to feel gratitude towards the money that’s coming into my life, while also having clear baselines to set my income goals from. They say what you resist persists so knowing where you’re money is coming from and how much is a great way to ensure that you keep receiving it!

I love Google Drive, and I suggest trying it out for yourself. It can be such an amazing and simple way to keep your life and business organized if you put it to work for you.

To learn more about Gabrielle and the services she offers feel free to check out her website  or on Facebook.

Five Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

This post may contain affiliate links

When I first started blogging in 2012 I thought the only way to get paid was to have ads on your blog. Boy was I wrong! There are so many ways that you can make money blogging. 

Now, there is one thing I want you to remember. To make money blogging it does take time. You should not expect to make a full-time income over night, however, in my experience, it is possible to be profitable within your first few months of launching your blog

In this post, I am going to introduce you to five ways you can monetize your blog. 

1. Ads

The first monetization route that many bloggers jump to is ads. They set up their blogs, sign up for Adsense and they expect to have the money start rolling in. 

Unless you have thousands and thousands of pageviews each month it is more than likely that your ads will only pay for your coffee, not your Caribbean cruise. 

I have chosen not to have ads on my site. However, I know many successful bloggers, like Lena from What Mommy Does, who tastefully implement ads into her monetization strategy and make thousands each month, so don’t rule it out. 

There are two primary ways that you are paid for ads.

Pay Per Click

Meaning you get paid each time someone clicks on the advertisement.

Pay Per Impression

These ads are paid based upon the number of times the advertisement is seen. 

Pinterest can help you increase your ad income by increasing traffic to pages where you have ads posted. 

Ads can be one piece to your monetization puzzle, but be sure to implement them strategically. 

2. Sponsored Posts

On this blog, I mostly talk about my Pinterest marketing experience, but I actually have been an influencer marketing coordinator for small businesses for the last year and a half. So there is a chance that I have been the person on the other side of your sponsored post pitch. 

Sponsored posts can be a great way to bring in some money from your blog and get your blog in front of a new audience. Often times, if the brand you work with is a small business you will get lots of social media love after your collaboration. 

Before you begin pitching for sponsored posts be sure to create a media kit. This is like your blogs resume. You want to include a friendly picture, a bio and relevant statistics to your blog. I recommend at least including your social media statistics and page views for your blog. Bonus points if you include demographic information about your audience. 

To find sponsored opportunities you have a few options you can work with a sponsorship network or you can personally reach out to different brands. 

If you are interested in joining a network, here are a few popular options. 

Another great way to find brands to work with is through an app called Collabor8. This is an app that helps influencers and brands connect. I have coordinated some of my favorite sponsored posts thanks to the Collabor8 app. 

Before contacting brands you need to have an up to date media kit. I've designed a customizable media kit template for you to use. Click the image above to get access to your template!

3. Affiliate Marketing

I LOVE affiliate marketing. Essentially, affiliate marketing is sharing products you love with your readers and when they make a purchase you earn a commission. What is great is that this is at no extra expense to them and oftentimes they get special perks if they use your link. 

For example, when someone uses my Tailwind link instead of getting just their first 100 pins free they get their first month free! (P.S. if you sign up before October 21st you get a $30 credit instead of $15!)

Affiliate marketing is the first way I started making money from my blog. There were so many tools and resources that helped me grow my blog and businesses so it was easy to share with my readers. 

In my first month of blogging, I purchased the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing from Michelle of Making Sense of Cents. I have been a fan of hers for YEARS and she makes over $50,000 a month in affiliate sales, so I was excited to implement her strategies. 

Within two days of starting the course, I made my first affiliate sale and by my third month of this blog I made over $1200 in affiliate income! 

For most bloggers, I would recommend starting with affiliates to monetize your blog. It is easy to do and can be very lucrative. 

The three affiliate marketing networks I recommend to start with are 

  1. ShareASale
  2. CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)
  3. Amazon Affiliate

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget you can use affiliate links on Pinterest!

4. Services

Your blog can be an amazing platform to promote your services. Having your own blog will give potential clients a taste of who you are. Write posts relevant to your service and include your services in your posts.

Having your own site will build rapport with clients. For example, Miranda Nahmias makes thousands of dollars a month from her virtual assisting services. She has been able to attract new clients through her blog and now has a thriving business. 

5. Selling Your Own Product

This maybe my favorite monetization method of all. On your blog, you can sell digital or physical products. Creating and selling your own products is incredibly rewarding. 

Similarly to the services section, you can use your blog as a platform to gain customers for your products. If you have an Etsy shop for blog templates, for example,  consider writing blog posts about web design and branding then funnel your readers over to your shop. 

My blog is more of an educational platform to teach women how to build successful blogs and online businesses, so I created a course called Pinterest to Profits. In this course, I teach bloggers and business owners how to leverage Pinterest to increase their traffic, email list, and income. 

Creating your own product can be a bit of a “what came first the chicken or the egg” scenario.

You can approach it two ways. 

1. If you already have a blog but have not created a product yet here are a few tips to help you establish what to sell. 

First, analyze your audience. Which of your posts have the most traffic? This can be indicative of what you readers are most interested in. Which posts have the most comments, repins and shares?

2. You have a product, but have not launched your blog. 

Analyze who the target market for your product is and consider what they are interested in. If you sell baby items for example, you may want to blog about prenatal yoga, the best baby shower gifts and sleep strategies for new parents. 

Here are a few more ideas to get you started. You can sell, 

  1. Digital products on Etsy or Creative Market
  2. Physical products on Amazon via their service Fulfilled By Amazon
  3. Courses hosted on Teachable
  4. A membership site
  5. Handmade items on Etsy
  6. An ebook delivered via Amazon or DPD
  7. Direct Sales products that you love

You really can make money blogging! 

If you invest the time and treat your blog like a business you will be able to make money from your blog.

One question I am often asked is, “When should I monetize my blog?” Honestly, I started adding affiliate links to my blog in my first month. By my second month, I made about $400 in affiliate income and my third month I made over $1200 in affiliate income. In my third month I also launched the pre-sale for my first course Pinterest to Profits. During the first few days of that pre-sale I made over $300!

When you start monetizing your blog just remember to keep your reader in mind. Only share what would benefit them and avoid plastering ads all over your site. In all of the ways mentioned to make money blogging your reader is your customer. 

How do you monetize your blog?

P.S. Ready to make money blogging? Don't for get to download your media kit template! 

How to Conquer Facebook Groups and Attract New Clients

Hey Lovelies!

McKinzie here. Today I have a special treat for you. One of my biz besties Miranda Nahmias is going to take over and teach you how to rock Facebook groups and find new clients. 

Miranda is such a pro and she is dropping some serious knowledge bombs in this post. I know you are dying to dig in so I will turn the time over to Miranda. Xo.

As an online business owner or blogger, if you want to attract new clients, Facebook groups are where it’s at. When I was first getting started as a virtual assistant, Facebook groups was where I found almost 100% of my new clients.

As a mentor to other virtual assistants, I know that many of you service-based business owners struggle with finding potential clients. And if you don’t have clients, you can’t make money. So let’s solve this problem for you right now.

Today I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that hard to attract new clients! All you have to do is take advantage of Facebook groups that are already in existence, and discover hundreds of people that are interested in hiring someone just like you.

How to Conquer Facebook Groups and Attract New Clients

Step #1: Finding the Right Facebook Groups

If you want to join Facebook groups to attract new clients, it makes sense that finding the right Facebook groups to join is a crucial step.

Personally I love McKinzie’s list of her favorite Facebook groups — that is a great place for you to start!

But we can even take it a few steps further and make sure that you are joining the best possible groups for you to find new potential clients.

Firstly, here are a few of my favorite pitch-friendly groups:

Being Boss

Gamechanger Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate

Now it’s time to go above and beyond and join even more specific groups that are filled to the brim with your potential clients. For example, let’s say McKinzie is interested in finding targeted Facebook groups so that she could promote her free Pinterest course.

As she states in her About page, McKinzie’s target audience is “moms that want to run their own business and create income streams by monetizing their passion.”

So we are specifically looking for mom business owners, or bloggers who are moms.

To find relevant groups for McKinzie to promote her course in, I would simply take those keywords and search Facebook for groups related to those.

Now, not all of those groups are going to be good for McKinzie to join. We probably want to focus on groups that are non-location specific (unless there is a group for McKinzie’s hometown/state), and groups that have at least 50 members.

We will also need to exclude groups that are otherwise inappropriate, such as the group, Single Mom Bloggers, as this doesn’t really apply to McKinzie specifically.

But, even after following those rules and excluding about 80% of the groups from that search, we still have a TON of potential groups for her, including:

Step #2: How to Introduce Yourself Strategically

After you’ve found some relevant Facebook groups for your niche, it’s time to introduce yourself! Some groups have strict no-promo rules, but many of them make an exception for your very first post, in which you introduce yourself and your blog/business to the other members.

It’s important not to waste this opportunity, and take advantage of the chance to promote yourself a little bit. Make yourself seem likable and relatable, and also give people a taste of what types of services you offer.

Here’s an example of the type of post that would be awesome to use as a sort-of template to attract new clients when you introduce yourself in these new Facebook groups. Heather Jabornik, creator of cult perfume Candy Ass, is a genius at these types of posts. Use hers for inspiration!


As you can see in the screenshot, Heather mentions her services at the beginning and her perfume at the end. So she has already taken advantage of two opportunities to mention her business, both without being sleazy or shoving it in your face.

Next, she strategically inserts some of her quirky personality into the post, allowing you to get to know her on a more intimate level. Throughout the post, she mentions painting her toenails, her upcoming marriage, her love of dying her hair, and her gluten-free lifestyle.

She also takes the opportunity to ask some questions about saving money, which results in an awesome response to her post and achieving her multiple comments from 14 different people, allowing her even more of a chance to network with them, this time on a one-on-one level in the comment section below.

Although this isn’t specifically an introductory post, you can use these strategies to craft your own similar post that also introduces yourself to the group.

Step #3: How to Participate in Promo Threads

One of my favorite parts about the many Facebook groups out there is that a lot of them post promo threads at least once per week.

What’s a promo thread? A promo thread is a thread specifically created in order to allow the group members to promote themselves.

There are a variety of different types of promo threads, but the most popular one is when the group admin allows you to share a link to a recent blog post.

Promo threads are another great way to attract new clients. Consistently participating in the daily threads in your favorite Facebook groups is a good for staying active and letting yourself gain some name recognition.

Posting a link back to your blog in a promo thread allows for increased traffic back to your website. Unlike normal participation in Facebook groups, posting in a promo thread allows you to bring traffic specifically back to your website.

Hopefully, that traffic will include some potential clients! Make sure to include information about your services, and a way to contact you, in a prominent location on your site.

To really up your game with promo threads, include an enticing headline along with your link, as well as a corresponding photo.

Here’s an example of promo posting done right from Solopreneur Babes!

Step #4: How to Find Potential Clients in a Facebook Group

The last and final step that we’re going to talk about today is how to actually find people in these groups that are interested in hiring you!

In order to specifically attract new clients that are already on the hunt for someone with your services, there are two great ways to go about doing this.

  1. Search the promo threads. In some groups, such as Screw the Nine to Five Community, there is a weekly thread specifically for connecting people with service providers who meet their needs. Each week, scour those threads for people looking for someone like you!
  2. Search for related posts. In each Facebook group, there is actually a search bar that you can use to look up keywords related to your services.

For example, if you are a web designer, you might search “design” in one of your groups to see all the recent posts including that keyword.

These posts will often include questions from people who could be potential clients. Take this chance to share your knowledge and show off your expertise!

So there you have it! Four step-by-step ways to conquer Facebook groups and use them to attract new clients! Follow the above guidelines, and you’ll be up to ears with clients in no time.

Meanwhile, go the extra mile and download this Facebook Group Introductory Post Blueprint for an even more in-depth look into how to craft your perfect introductory post, including a customizable script!

A special thanks to Miranda for this fabulous post! If you want more from her check out her WEBSITE       SERVICES         + FREE COURSE

And don't forget to follow her on social media!

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Third Month Blogging Report: How I Doubled My Page views + Quadrupled My Income

This post may contain affiliate links.

Hey, hey! Welcome to the Month Three Update for Moms Make Cents!

It seems incredibly strange to me that this little place on the internet has been my own for the last three months. Sometimes it feels like it has gone by so fast, and other times I feel like I have been doing this forever (in a good way)!

I will admit I am a little nervous about sharing this update. More so even than sharing my updates for month one and month two, but this one has me on edge. I hope you will bare with me as I share.

I would also like to point out why I am sharing these updates. I do not in anyway do it to be prideful, it is actually the opposite. I am putting myself out there, successes and failures so you can learn from my experiences.

These post are designed to be a case study for you. In each post I share what worked that month and what didn’t. I hope that you find these posts encouraging and motivating to you. If you have any questions about this post leave a comment below and I will be sure to reply!

Now on to the growth report!


8/22 - 9,656    9/21 - 22,677

Difference - 13,021    Increase - 135%

This month my page views more than DOUBLED! I am ecstatic that I hit over 20,000 page views. To me that is huge. This blog is only three months old and typically I only post once per week. So that is a pretty good amount of traffic per post. One of my blog posts went “mini-viral”  on Pinterest this month and made up a good portion of my page views.

My most popular posts this month were,

How I Make Money On Pinterest Using Affiliate Links 5.4k Pins

How To Pay For College When You Have No Money 691 Pins

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: The Secret to Making $50,000 a Month Blogging 943 Pins

How I Started 3 Businesses My First Year As A Stay At Home Mom 1.5k Pins

35+ Free Online Course For Bloggers + Online Biz Owners 1.2k Pins

Again Pinterest topped my referral traffic for the month, followed by Facebook and then miscellaneous traffic sources.


8/22 - 356    9/21 -  665

Difference - 309    Increase - 86%

I gained about 300 followers this month. This month I did not focus much on my email list. I have been in major content creation mode preparing to launch my course Pinterest to Profits.  

Next month I will have to prioritize my list again, but this month it took a place on the back burner.


8/22 - 1376     9/21 - 2240

Difference - 864     Increase - 68%

It was another great month for Pinterest growth! I probably spent one hour on Pinterest this entire month. I was so consumed with developing my new course that I did not have much time to focus on anything else.

I am super happy with a 68% increase in followers when I did almost no work.

Currently, I use BOTH Tailwind and BoardBooster to schedule pins for my blog. They each have unique features that I think it is valuable enough to use each.


8/22 - 622    9/21 - 684

Difference - 62   Increase - 10%

After I noticed last month that very little traffic (we’re talking about 15 views out of almost 10,000) was coming from Twitter I gave it less attention. For the most part my Twitter account is on auto-pilot while I use the looping system with IFTTT. I do still go on daily and re-tweet and reply to messages, but I have significantly cut back my time on Twitter this month.


8/22 - 32    9/21 - 57

Difference - 25     Increase - 78%

I haven’t been very active on Facebook, but I hope to change that very soon. I am planning on opening up my own Facebook group in a few months. Who wants to join?


8/22 - 49    9/21 - 79

Difference - 30     Increase - 61%

My goal last month was to post once a week and I did! I think Instagram is great and I have used it with a lot of clients in the past but I haven’t invested in it yet with this blog.

What worked?

I launched Pinterest to Profits! I have been working on this course for months. Pinterest has been a huge part of my growth strategy on this blog (as well as for other businesses I have managed) and I wanted to share all of my tricks with YOU!

I decided to use Teachable to host my course. I am semi-tech savvy, but building out your own course platform seemed like it would either take a lot of time or a lot of money to hire someone to build it. Teachable is super user friendly and I was able to set up my sales page in about an hour and adding my course content was super simple too.

Teachable took a huge weight off of me this month. If you are thinking of creating a course, I highly recommend Teachable. 

Also, with the extra stress of launching my course I had my first guest post! This was a huge help to me this month. Instead of focusing on writing a post I was able to continue creating content for my course.

Melissa Hebbe jumped on the blog and taught How To Create An Instagram Strategy For Your Boutique Or Shop. She is an Instagram pro! Definitely check out her guest post and blog if you want to learn more about IG.

What didn’t work?

This month I took on a bit more than I could handle. I am a work at home mama so most of my work gets done late at night after my hubby and little guy get to bed.

With launching my new course Pinterest to Profits and some unforeseen projects that were added by a few of my clients I was overwhelmed.

Fortunately, I was able to be organized and get everything done without missing any deadlines, but there were a few days that I was stressed with a capital S.

Total # Of Posts

Since starting this blog my goal has been to post once a week. This month I wrote four posts and had one guest post.

How To Develop An Instagram Strategy For Your Boutique Or Shop

Why Pinterest Needs To Be Your #1 Growth Strategy

35+ Free Online Course For Bloggers + Online Biz Owners

12 Brilliant Blogging Tasks You Can Do On Your Smartphone

Month Two Update: How I Made Over $400 In My Second Month Blogging

Income Report

Alright, this is the part I am nervous about. When I started this blog my goal was for it to be profitable by October. It ended up becoming profitable in the very end of August! I have been so thrilled by its growth. Now I need to focus on helping this income be sustainable.

I personally like to see positive growth in my businesses (don't we all?) and I may not be able to top this month, next month.

So where did my income come from this month?

1. The last week of this month I launched the pre-sale for my new course Pinterest to Profits. I was so excited to see some wonderful ladies sign up for the course. It made the finishing touches of the course even more fun to do!

I wasn’t super aggressive in promoting the pre-sale I announced the course launch in a blog post and sent one email to my list that was it. I am sending a few more emails to my list before the pre-sale period closes. 

2. Last month my first income report was all affiliate income. This month my affiliate income tripled! A lot of the strategies I have implemented have been from the course I took Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.


Pinterest to Profits Sales: $338.85 (after Teachable fees + payment processor)

Affiliate Marketing: $1223

Total earned: $1561.85

+ $10 referral credit to BoardBooster


MailChimp: $0 (usually $15, covered by referral credit. P.S. If you want to try MailChimp, click here and get a free $30 credit!)

BoardBooster: $0 (usually $10, covered by referral credit)

**I’ve been able to score an exclusive deal just for members of my course Pinterest to Profits. When you join the class you get THREE MONTHS (3000 pins) free of BoardBooster. This a $30 value and a huge benefit for class members. To snag this special deal head over here.  (*for new BoardBooster users only).

Tailwind: $15 Want to know my favorite Tailwind features? Check out this post!

Blog Traffic E-book: $15 (I received a discount from a promotion in her Facebook group usually it is $25)

Total Expenses: $30

Total Net Income: $1531.85

Overall, I am so excited by this months growth/income report! I honestly don't know when I will be able to beat this month. My income was high and my expenses were low.  I feel incredibly grateful for the growth this month and for all of your fabulous readers. Thank you for your continued support and kindness! I couldn't do it without you!