Want to learn how to start your own business, monetize your passion and get your finances in order?

Good! That is exactly what I love to help people with.

Moms Make Cents launched in 2016 as a community for moms that want to run their own business and create income streams by monetizing their passion. I will help you identify your strengths and give you the tools to implement them successfully. Around here we have an optimistic attitude, often rock the mom bun and know that our babies only motivate us more to find the success we have always dreamed about!

Every mom has something valuable to say (even though our sweet children may not think so) and this site is about expressing that.

If this sounds like we were made for each other then let's be friends! You can sign up for our news letter here to get epic business, finance and time management tips. You can also follow along on Instagram or Pinterest which are pretty much my second home.

So, who is the mom behind Moms Make Cents?

Glad you asked my friend. My name is McKinzie. I am wife to Devin and Mama to my sweet little boy. I am a life long learner and have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Financial Planning. When my little guy was born I became a stay at home mom.

Around this time my husbands company began struggling. His pay was cut by 30% and 60% of his company was laid off! I needed to help chip in financially, but desperately wanted to stay home with my new baby. I had always considered the entrepreneurship route and now it was my opportunity to test my skills…

It turns out I was pretty good at it. Within the first year of being a stay at home mom I started three profitable businesses (if you are interested you can read my full journey here). I was so grateful to be able to financially contribute to our family and help keep us afloat during a rough economic time.

As my husband discussed my businesses with his co-workers many of their wives became interested in starting their own businesses too! I fell in love with sharing my knowledge on creating businesses to empower women to stay home with their babies. I decided to share what I know on this blog to inspire you too.

Let’s be friends!