How Being A Stay At Home Mom Helped Me Become An Entrepreneur

When you become a mom you know your life is forever changed. Suddenly your life is no longer your own. Taking care of your sweet baby can be incredibly rewarding and equally challenging. 

It can be difficult to find the time, energy and resources to keep your family afloat, much less start your own business... Well, at least that is the thought trap that we let ourselves fall into. Here are six reasons why motherhood qualifies you to become an entrepreneur. 


I had never been tried as much as I had when I became a mother. You are tugged a thousand different ways. Many times it can feel as if you are at your limit, but therein lies the beauty. I never knew how strong I was until I became a mom.

Those sleepless nights when my baby woke up every hour and the next morning I still had to put on a happy face. Or when you are sick, but there are no sick days for moms. There are so many things that I never thought I would be able to handle, but with motherhood, they have become second nature.

When difficult times arise in your business you will be prepared to handle them with grace.


Before parenthood, I had a lot more time on my hands, and you know what? A lot of that time was wasted on unproductive things. (Endless scrolling on Instagram? Am I right?)

With the arrival of my little one I was finding time for a shower, not Snapchat. I learned how to manage my time like a pro. Five minutes? I can fold six loads of laundry and clean the bathroom. I kid, but I am so much faster and more organized now that my time is so sparse.


So much of my time was focused on this sweet child I was raising, but I couldn’t completely let myself go. In those free moments, I was consumed with how to improve myself, as a wife, mother, contributor to society etc. I began using my time to learn valuable skills and apply them. When my babe was little I would read articles during late night feedings or work on a course that taught a practical skill.


My mom always told me, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Going down to one income is scary! Having to depend solely on one income is a big change. This kicked my entrepreneurial spirit into overdrive. I wanted…no needed to help contribute to our family’s finances. It was time to analyze my skills and get creative with how to monetize them.

When that first baby comes income goes down and expenses goes up. How is that supposed to work?! Moms have to learn, FAST, how to become lean in finances and investments. The family’s budget is run like a business. Taking into consideration income, expenses and investments that will make your business run better.


As a mother, you are never alone, but it can absolutely feel so lonely! I craved adult conversation. Creating a business filled that void. I was able to apply my education and skills to bring in a lucrative income stream. I collaborated with multiple business owners and developed lasting friendships. What you think may just be networking can result in rewarding relationships.


Moms never give up. We are resilient. We are strong! When life throws us a curve ball we just keep going. Entrepreneurship has many ups and downs. If you bail during the first bump in the road you will NEVER have a successful business. Moms are trained to push forward even when times are tough. 

You can do this! Get out there and change the world.