How To Overcome Doubt & Fear About Blogging


Today I wanted to share something really personal that I've been struggling with in case you've been feeling this way too. 

Since October I’ve been in a bit of a funk with my blog. I felt like I didn’t know what to write anymore. I would go to type out a blog post and the words just wouldn’t come. Or I’d think of a live video I could do in my Facebook group and I would make an excuse why I shouldn’t. Something was just pushing me away from blogging.

I’ve wondered, what is wrong with me?

We had some pretty intense personal challenges the end of this year and I thought, “hmmm maybe that has been deterring my focus?”. But it wasn’t that. Maybe I’ve been hustling so hard for so long that I’m feeling burned out? I did relaunch Pin to Profits in November and that took a lot of work, but no, that wasn’t the reason either.

Slowly, ideas of “throwing in the towel” crept in. Maybe I wasn’t good enough to do this. Maybe I wasn’t blogging because I didn’t have anything of value to say?

My husband and I currently do my blog and other business full-time so quitting isn’t really a viable option, unless I want him to go back to work, which doesn’t sound dreamy either.

As I dug deeper and leveled with what I was feeling I finally realized what the issue was.

Doubt and fear.

As I looked over my yearly plan that I made at the beginning of 2017, it was full of goals, growth and exciting projections. When I sat down to make my 2018 calendar. Nothing. I couldn’t think of a dang thing.

But then I realized it was because I was afraid of putting those numbers on paper. When I made my 2017 goals sheet I wasn’t our families sole provider so the numbers were just for fun. In 2018 I have the push of providing for my family. So putting something down, planning on it and then not hitting it was terrifying to me.

So for the last few months, I’ve just sat here stuck. Not blogging, not engaging, because I really wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go.


Finally, I was able to get a little perspective.

Everyone keeps saying, “new year, new you” I’m saying, “new year, new view.”

When I was able to look at myself through someone else's eyes I realized I don’t need to be afraid of not knowing enough, not having the cutest office background in my live videos, or being asked a question I don’t know the answer too.

The imposter syndrome is real y’all. It knocks you down and kicks you in the shins when you are least expecting it. Something I’ve struggled this year is doubtful thoughts like, “Why would anyone want to listen to me?” or “What do I know?”

I stopped sharing income reports in 2016 for various reasons, but I do feel like they are a good way to gauge how successful someone is with their blog and if they really know what they're doing. Put your money where your mouth is, you know?

I’m not going to go into a big income report, but I did want to share a couple of quick numbers with you.

Almost every month in 2017 my businesses brought in over $10k in revenue and in September I hit my highest month ever at $20,294.

To me that is crazy!! I absolutely crushed every one of my big goals last year. So why was I asking myself, “Why would anyone want to listen to me?”

The conclusion is fear because I DO have something to say of value. I have proven myself time and time again that I know what I am doing and that I have what it takes.

And you know what?


I know I am not alone in the fear and self-doubt. If you are feeling stuck in the same rut that I was in, here are a few things that you can do to stay motivated and confident.


1. New View

The #1 thing that I did was take a look at myself and my accomplishments from a different perspective. When I made note of some of the really big things that I did this year, I started to think, “huh, I really am capable!”

List at least five things that you’ve done that you are proud of. They can be big or small, but they need to mean something to you.

2. Stop Comparing

Oh, how I hate the comparison cycle. Sometimes when I see other bloggers in my niche publish something new, I get a pit in my stomach. Like, “why didn’t I think of that?” or “crap, that competes directly with my products,” or “whoa.”

Then I get in a panicked little pitty party and I go from creative ideas, working on things that will build my business and help my readers to being afraid and feeling like I have to go on the defensive.

Here are a couple ways that I’ve combatted this,

1. I unsubscribed from their emails. 

Yep, I straight up stopped reading what they were doing. Now you make think this is counter-intuitive. Wouldn’t I want to know what they were doing so that I could know how to react and stay relevant?

Now that's what I thought at first too. But, so many times I would get an email and then go into a tailspin about how no one was going to buy my course anymore because they just launched one super similar. However, a few months later and a new perspective and sales keep going.

I had 476 people enroll in my courses in 2017.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you!!

2. Unfollow their groups or social media

Similar to the previous point. Focus on YOU and YOUR audience. If you are always chasing down what someone else is doing you are always going to be two steps behind. Foster a relationship with your people, see where they need help and then go and do.

People resonate with different people. Just because one thing works for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you and vice versa. You do you!

3. Start a “Smile File”

This one has been so helpful for me! Whenever I get a really thoughtful email from a student or a reader saying how much a course, freebie or a blog post helped them, I screenshot it and put it in my “smile file.” This is just a file on my desktop that I can pop in and look at when I am feeling down.

If you don’t have a smile file yet, start one today! Start putting those little drops of happiness in there to save for a rainy day.

4. Give Yourself 10 Seconds

I personally have struggled with anxiety since I was a little kid and this 10 seconds trick has helped me cope with all sorts of challenging things in life.

All you do is give yourself 10 seconds to be afraid, feel all the feels, and then just do it. If you are scared to go live on your Facebook page, freak out for 10 seconds, scream in your pillow, do whatever you’ve got to do and then push that live button and just do it.

Done is better than perfect.

If you are waiting for something in your business to be perfect, you are going to be waiting a long time and will miss a ton of opportunities to grow and learn in the process.

So in the words of Nike, “JUST DO IT!”

5. Find A Blogging BFF

I honestly have no idea how I would have made it this year without my blogging bff Jen. We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin.

A blogging bff is crucial to conquering your fears. Your bff is someone you can bounce ideas off of, get feedback from and someone who gets this whole blogging world. As much as our spouses, parents and friends try to understand blogging there are so many things that people just “don’t get” unless they are in this realm day in and day out.

On low days, or confused days, or even days that I feel like I’m on top of the world and with something exciting that I’ve just got to share, I message Jen and from over a thousand miles away we cheer each other on.

If you are struggling with doubt or fear on your blog, know you are not alone! It is okay to be afraid, it is human nature. Address the fear and then go and do.

You’ve got this mama! You can do it.

How I Run My Business in Just 15 Hours/Week


I am super excited to introduce you this week to my friend Gillian from She is going to share her top three strategies for running her business in just 15 hours per week! 

As an author, blogger, Youtuber, business owner, and mom of two littles, you’d be correct to assume that my life is pretty busy and that I don’t necessarily have a lot of free time. My days are filled to the brim and a bit of a “beautiful mess.”

As someone who enjoys living life to its fullest and has BIG goals that necessitate massive action, finding a way to balance everything I want to do is a must. While friends sometimes wonder why I don’t just slow down, do less, and be a bit more “average,” the fact is that I love what I do and have been a go-getter since my earliest memory.

But even though I love taking action and doing a lot, I also think it’s essential to live in the present, stay relaxed and carefree, and enjoy life. So while I’m quite productive, and from the outside, it appears that I must be extremely busy, the reality is that most days I work less than six hours, and we spend the rest of the time playing, adventuring, and living life.

After new acquaintances remark, “Wow, you certainly are busy!” Their next comment is typically, “How do you possibly do it all?”

So today, in my typical style, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing my three strategies that allow me to “do it all” yet stay calm, relaxed, and run my business in only about 15 hours per week.

ONE // Focus on What Works

Our culture is saturated with social media, but you can’t turn it on without being confronted with big brands, businesses, and influencers. If you’re trying to build a business or a career as an author or artist, then it seems obvious that you must need to focus on trying to create that same level of visibility for yourself.

For a couple of years, I spent enormous amounts of time working to build up a presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But honestly, I’m an introvert (an outgoing, fearless introvert, but still an introvert) and sharing regular “updates” with the world is just not my jam. I found it draining, distracting, and not productive.

Because my heart wasn’t in it, growing my presence on social media was an uphill battle. My growth was sluggish, and the followers I did have didn’t seem connected (and certainly not committed). But I felt like I had to do social media, because how else would I promote my blog or business??

Fortunately, I love experimenting and trying new things, so throughout this whole social media struggle, I did continue to test new ideas. Eventually, I found a couple ways of marketing my blog and business that worked way better than the social media grind, were more enjoyable and were easier.

I dropped social media like a rock.

And my business growth exploded within the next six months.

Now, I’m not saying social media is the devil, or that nobody should use it -- far from that. But what I AM saying is that you should quit stuff that isn’t working for you. If you hate something and it’s not producing results, then why are you doing it??

The Pareto principle says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. And what that meant to me was that I could quit doing a heck of a lot of stuff.

What was actually growing my business? Turns out, there was really only about four things:

  1. Guest blogging

  2. Pinterest marketing

  3. Facebook ads

  4. Youtube channel

(And yes, I hear your confusion. “I thought you said you quit social media?” I quit posting daily updates and trying to keep up with everyone else’s updates. I quit Instagram and Twitter, which are based solely on these activities. I didn’t quit using social media as a valuable tool to reach people, as the above list reflects.)

So, strategy #1 for running my business in a minimal amount of time is to focus on what works and let go of what is just busy work.

Read this >> How to Plan Your Weeks Around Your Priorities

TWO // Outsource

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the world of online business, then you’ve probably heard plenty of people singing the glories of “hiring virtual assistants” to save time and be able to do more.

Well, I tried that, but it didn’t work so well for me. Because, a) I was kinda broke and didn’t see how I could invest in my business, and b) these virtual assistants seemed to take more time to manage than their work saved me.

What finally made a difference was this: I stopped trying to just “save me time” and started focusing on building a world-class team.

Instead of trying to hire general VA’s to answer my emails or design my graphics, I hired a smart, local college student, who I could train from the ground up how to help me run my business. This was cheaper than hiring an international, virtual assistant, and so much more effective.

While my new assistant helped me with my day-to-day operations, I started hiring skilled professionals to help grow my business. I hired a dedicated graphic designer who could make my site look as beautiful and professional as I knew that it needed to in order to attract my ideal clients. I hired a talented copywriter -- because even though I write other people’s ads all day long, writing my own ads still gets me tongue-tied. I even hired a Facebook ads manager, despite the fact that I do that professionally myself.

The fact is that in my own business, I am the boss. And I can’t be the best boss if I’m also the ads manager, video editor, graphic designer, and accountant.

I can do a fan-freakin-tastic job managing Facebook ads for other businesses, but when it comes to my own business, I need an objective outside voice.

So, rather than hiring a general VA to try to “save time” now I focus on hiring talented professionals who can multiply profits. And I can always “afford” to hire people who can make me money. ;)

THREE // Batch Create Content

Every business has tasks that have to be done every day or every week. These little tasks can be really distracting from completing projects and actually making progress on big-picture goals.

I realized that I was spinning my wheels and wasting a lot of time switching from one little task to another, multiple times every day, so I decided to try grouping similar tasks together and getting them done in big batches all at once. What a difference this made! It majorly cut down on the number of hours I spent working each week and made my time much more efficient.

These days I batch video recording, editing, blog post writing, and other tasks that I’d otherwise have to do multiple times each week. For example, I upload two Youtube videos every week -- but rather than filming, editing and uploading twice every week, I film twice per month (4 - 5 videos each time) and then edit and upload once per week. This saves SO MUCH TIME because getting set up to film is such a process!

In order to successfully create content in batches, I have to be really focused and inspired. Because, really, who wants to feel like they have to write two whole blog posts in one sitting. Totally not fun. But if I make a fun day of it -- hole up in my fave local coffee shop with a black & white mocha, take a couple breaks to walk around the block, and enjoy some time by myself while my husband has my kids -- then I’m much more productive and enjoy the process a lot more.

My Weekly Schedule

Because I batch create much of my content just a few times throughout each month, each week is a little different. However, I do try to keep as much structure as possible, just so that I can stay organized and reduce the number of decisions I have to make each day.

Here’s what a typical week looks like with the three strategies discussed above implemented:


  • Email & messenger (20)

  • Plan next week’s content (40)

  • FB group (10)


  • Write & schedule two emails to list (60)

  • Write guest blog post (90)

  • Email & messenger (30)

  • FB group (10)

  • Network (30)


  • Reach out to potential collaborators (90)

  • Create content upgrade & opt-in page (60)

  • Film 4 videos OR Write 2 blog posts (120)

  • FB group (10)


  • Reach out to potential collaborators (40)

  • Email & messenger (30)

  • Film any B roll (60)

  • FB group (10)

  • Edit two videos for next week (120)


  • Email & messenger (40)

  • Schedule two videos for next week (60)

  • Board Booster (30)

  • FB group (10)

  • Network (30)

In addition to this work that I do myself, there are also a number of tasks that I currently have outsourced either to my assistant or to other professionals. These include:

  • Editing & formatting blog posts

  • Promoting blog posts & videos

  • Managing my own FB ads

Currently, I’m still managing my own Pinterest marketing and editing my own videos, because I haven’t found someone to do these tasks who feels like a good fit for my team. However, I’m looking forward to getting it off my plate soon!

The above schedule is everything I do to run and grow my business and takes a bit less than 15 hours each week. In addition, I spend 10 - 15 hours each week doing client work, which includes business coaching and Facebook ad strategy. I also sometimes spend 5 - 10 hours writing or creating content, if I’m working on a new book or program.

Keeping a consistent schedule, focusing my energy on what actually produces results, outsourcing, and batch creating content are absolutely essential to being able to accomplish as much as I am able to each week. Without these strategies, I’d be overwhelmed and couldn’t grow nearly as quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about how to organize your business for success, you can download my “Easiest Business Plan Ever.” It’s a free PDF worksheet that guides you through the process of designing an efficient, effective business plan in less than 30 minutes. You can click here to download the worksheet and get started now!

Gillian Headshot.png

Hi, I'm Gillian! I’m a marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs 10X their sales with FB ads + sales funnels. I love combining tech, analytics, and psychology to create powerful marketing systems. When I’m not helping my clients scale their businesses, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys, exploring new places, or cozied up with a book in a local coffee shop. 

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Black Friday Deals For Bloggers 2017

This post may contain affiliate links.

LeAnn FB Templates.png

Black Friday is finally here! This is seriously one of my favorite days of the entire year. I get to stock up on products that I love for a fraction of what I would have paid for it yesterday. Gotta love it! 

I've put together a quick round up of my favorite deals for you, but here are the four that I'm most excited about:

SiteGround: 70% off of webhosting (I use and love SiteGround) !

Teachable: Over $4,000 in bonuses when you sign up for their annual plan!

Moms Make Cents Courses: The lowest prices EVER on my courses!

Elegant Themes: 25% off my all-time favorite WordPress theme!



70% off all hosting packages starting at $2.95 per month! For a full walkthrough guide of how to get set up check out this post here. I love SiteGround for their amazing customer service, great uptimes and fast site speed!

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I personally use SiteGround and love them, but if you are dead set on Bluehost they are doing an amazing Black Friday sale too. Their hosting starts at $2.65 a month

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Plus if you purchase hosting through either of my affiliate links above you will get access to one hour of video lessons from me with tips and information on how to start your blog! Just forward your receipt to me and I’ll give you access to the mini-course!


Pin to Profits Bundle:

The Pin to Profits bundle contains all five of my courses and is regularly priced at $285, but for Black Friday to Cyber Monday, it is $147 ($138 off) when you use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.

Individual Courses:

If you want to purchase one of the five courses individually you can purchase any course for 25% off with the coupon code THANKFUL

Pin to Profits: Foundations

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Pin to Profits: Automation

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Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

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Pin to Profits: List Building

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I personally use and love ConvertKit. My email list grew so much faster once moving over to ConvertKit because I was able to tag and segment my list so I was only sending them the most relevant offers.

ConvertKit hardly ever does free trials, but through Cyber Monday you can get a free month trial to see if it is a good fit for you! Plus you can enter to win a free year from ConvertKit!

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Teachable is known for offering HUGE sign up bonuses when you sign up for their annual plans and this year they blew it out of the water. You'll get $4,000 of courses and resources!

If you are planning on creating an online course Teachable is the best and right now you can snag thousands of dollars in bonuses when you upgrade to their annual plan! I grabbed the annual plan last year during their Black Friday sale and it was SO GOOD!

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Teachable bonus: If you purchase one of Teachable’s annual plans via my affiliate link get a free one hour strategy session with me! We can frame out your course launch, you can ask questions about marketing your products, funnels or whatever you are struggling with.


If you haven’t heard of Appsumo is pretty much the coolest! Appsumo secures awesome lifetime deals on products at a fraction of the price. This is a great way to get tools for your business without breaking the budget. Here are four of my favorite deals that they are doing for Black Friday.


This is a lifesaver for Instagram users. You can schedule posts right from your desktop computer! And not it isn’t something that will just remind you later to post it will literally post it for you. You can plan out your entire content calendar ahead of time, schedule your posts and you’re done!

It is usually $10 a month for Grum and even at that price it is well worth it, but for Black Friday only it is $25 for a lifetime plan which is totally insane! 

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This is a tool to run viral giveaways. I’ve personally used this tool for over a year and it has brought in thousands of new email subscribers for me. It encourages social sharing for giveaways because participants can earn more points for each person that they refer.

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This similar to Canva for work with a one time fee. You can upload high resolution photos, download png’s with transparent backgrounds, upload 30 of your own fonts, create a custom color palette and use their magic resize tool (aka the coolest thing ever, takes your Pinterest graphic and turns it into the right size for a Facebook graphic, twitter graphic, ebook cover, etc.

Click here to get DesignBold.

Appsumo Briefcase:

TONS of tools for one super low monthly payment get 35 tools for $49 a month + get all future tools. Or get the annual plan and save $100 + get Appsumo & Amazon credits (first 600 only). I personally upgraded to the annual plan since I’ve already been on their monthly plan for a few months now.

The longer you have the “briefcase” the more powerful it is as you get all of the updates they have now plus any they add in the future and lately they’ve been adding 4-6 new tools every month!

Opt-in for the monthly or annual plan here.


Elegant Themes (Divi):

25% off. I personally use and LOVE Divi. It is so user-friendly and their visual builder makes creating beautiful blog posts and pages a breeze.

Plus, when you make a purchase during their Black Friday sale you also get six gorgeous layout bonus packs for free! 

Click here to get lifetime or yearly access to Elegant Themes. 

Man, I love Black Friday. So many good deals all at once. I've been saving up for months so I could snatch up my favorite deals. What are you going to grab this year? 


8 Ways You Can Make Money On Pinterest

Are you hooked on Pinterest? Did you know you can actually make money from pinning? Check out this post for eight ways you can make money on Pinterest! 

Are you hooked on Pinterest?

One of my favorite pastimes has been to go on Pinterest. Browsing the cute home decor, fun DIY projects, and recipe ideas is so relaxing for me.

If you have a passion for Pinterest like I do you, may be surprised to find that you can actually make money from Pinterest!

Many of the ways to make money on Pinterest require a blog or website, but some don’t!

If you are planning on starting a blog, I recommend a self-hosted website through SiteGround. It costs about $4 a month and then you own a little piece of the internet!  

Depending on whether you want just an extra stream of income, or if you want to make Pinterest your full-time business or career, there are several options for you:

1. Using Affiliate Links

First, what is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a link that has special tracking on it, so when someone clicks on your specific link if they make a purchase then you get a commission from the sale!

On Pinterest, you can link to blog posts that you have affiliate links in and when they click on the links or buy something, you can then get a cut.

Or you can even pin your affiliate links right on Pinterest! Pinterest is the best platform for affiliate marketing because of the huge viral potential on Pinterest.

How often do you share a post on Facebook? Probably not a lot, right? But on Pinterest, you are sharing dozens of pins per day!

The key is to have pins that look good and have descriptions that are captivating and keyword rich. It is important to also pick affiliate programs that you trust (think places that you consistently buy from).

One of the keys to Pinterest affiliate marketing is to make sure that you are consistently pinning everyday. You can pin manually or you can use a scheduler like Tailwind or BoardBooster to schedule your pins.

I love Pinterest affiliate marketing so much that I even created a course all about how to do it.

These are the same strategies that I use to make affiliate sales on Pinterest every single day!

You can take $10 off the course when you use the coupon code PINMONEY at checkout!

2. Selling Physical or Digital Products

Maybe you have a shop and want to promote your products online with Pinterest, you totally can!

Whether you have an Etsy shop selling handmade baby clothes or a blog where you sell e-books Pinterest can work for you.

You can pin shot of your products right on Pinterest and direct them to your product page. Just make sure that the product is cohesive with the rest of your Pinterest feed and that it is a vertical image (at least 735 x 1102 pixels minimum!).

You also can use lifestyle images on Pinterest when selling your products since they have a higher repin rate. Do this by collaborating with bloggers or influencers and then promote their posts where they feature your products.

If you have a blog on your shop's website Instead of linking pinned images directly to your product page, try linking to a blog post that mentions the item. This way the reader can see even more of the value that the product provides and will begin to envision how they will use it in their life.

When someone is browsing on Pinterest,  most likely they are not looking for your brand, so it is super important to make a good impression right off the bat

You can do this by having beautiful pins, a professional website, and having a simple and straightforward shopping experience. by making it easy for them to contact you from the site.

If you already have an online store or are just opening one, you can use Pinterest to sell them as long as you make your pins fit for Pinterest. You can use tools like Tailwind’s Pin inspector in order to gauge which of your existing pins are doing well so you can make similar ones for your product pins.

3. Promoting your services on Pinterest

You might be thinking, okay, cool Kinzie, that works for them...what about me? I have a service based business. Don’t worry! I’ve got you ;)

When promoting your service business on Pinterest, you can use testimonials, motivational quotes, tips, strategies, and your portfolio in order to show your audience what you can do for them.

Link your pins to blog posts that will have a good call to action (CTA). These CTA’s will usually inspire your audience to join your email list, opt-in for a free trial or consultation, or download a resource in exchange for your email address.

If your CTA is a free call then you can warm them up by chatting with them to see if you would be a good fit for each other. If you have some kind of email opt-in make sure to add them to a sales funnel or welcome sequence that will warm them up to you. This will make them much more likely to purchase your services or book a discovery call.

If you aren't sure how to set up your sales funnel check out this post where I'll walk you through the fundamentals of ConvertKit. 

Make sure your CTA’s are easy to find and in multiple places on your website. In order to establish yourself as an expert in your field, you can link pinned images to your case studies and other content that will help your audience see you as the awesome biz lady that you are!

4. Pinterest Influencer

If you have a lot of Pinterest followers or get a lot of clicks, you can use this to your advantage. You can partner with brands on group boards in order to get engagement and followers and bring traffic to their site.

Pinterest also has what is called the Pin Collective where they match influencers with brands. Right now it is a super tiny group of influencers they have accepted, but hopefully, they will open that up to more in the future!

Through your own negotiations for sponsored posts, you may be able to secure a deal with a brand where you are paid by the Pin.

5. Advertising

You can put banner ads on your website using an advertising network. Traffic from Pinterest to your site can make you money when people will click on these ads. On average you can earn around $7-10 for every 1,000 page views. Rates will also differ depending on the ads and advertising company you go with.

When you pin pins that have keyword rich descriptions that come up high in Pinterest’s search, you can get this constant flow of traffic.

To increase Pinterest exposure, try creating several pins for each blog post and see which one performs the best.

6. Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

I actually did this for about two years and it was so much fun!

A lot of bloggers and companies are actually looking for people to manage their Pinterest accounts. A Pinterest manager will implement strategies in order to help the business achieve their goals.

There are lots of different things you can do as a Pinterest manager.

  • If you are savvy in graphic design you can design the pins for each product or blog post
  • You can schedule pins in with a tool like BoardBooster or Tailwind
  • You can manually pin, pins
  • You can manage the brands Promoted Pin campaigns
  • You can do an account makeover where you update the accounts board descriptions, board titles, board covers, etc. to give the account a more professional feel and to stand out!

7. Growing your list

Your aim here is to get visitors to come to your website from Pinterest and then to become an email subscriber. In order to do this, you will pin super relevant content from your website on Pinterest.

To gain traffic you can use Pinterest SEO, join group boards, and loop your pins with BoardBooster.

Then as this traffic comes to your website you can have opt-ins where people can enter their email address to get access to exclusive content, a freebie, or a coupon.

Once the new subscriber is on your email list you can send them through a welcome series or a sales funnel so that can get to know you and like you which ultimately makes them more likely to buy from you.

Related: Why You Need An Email List & How To Start One

8. Book sales

Whether you are launching a book, or you already have an existing one and want to promote it online, Pinterest is a great way to form a connection with your readers. You can create interesting pins to entice them.

If it is a fictional book you can give them sneak peeks into the lives of your characters in a blog post, do a review of five books in your niche and include yours!

If you have a non-fiction book, you can share reviews, quotes, and excerpts from your book that can help your audience get to know your work a little bit better. If there are lots of pictures in your non-fiction book, consider making a collage of some of the pictures to draw your target audience in.

You can direct them to a formal sales page with information about how to purchase your book or send them to a blog post or a short story that promotes your book.

There are a lot of ways you can successfully make money on Pinterest. It is a fun, exciting, and effective way of making money online with your products or services so have fun with it!

Which of these strategies are you going to try?

How Motherhood Prepares You To Run A Business

When you become a mom you know your life is forever changed. Suddenly your life is no longer your own. Taking care of your sweet baby can be incredibly rewarding and equally challenging. 

It can be difficult to find the time, energy and resources to keep your family afloat, much less start your own business... Well, at least that is the thought trap that we let ourselves fall into.Here are six reasons why motherhood qualifies you to become an entrepreneur.