Need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your blog?

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Hi, I’m McKinzie!

I’ve been blogging for five years, have built multiple sites, and grew this site from $0-$30,000 in revenue in my first year blogging. I would love to take a thorough look at your site and provide actionable feedback to help you grow your blog.

Over the last five years I have worked with hundreds of bloggers to grow their sites and I have invested thousands of dollars learning the ins and outs of blogging and online marketing and I want to pass on my best tips to you!

Your completed review will come with,

  • A screen-recorded video of my feedback as I go through your site

  • A review sheet of my personal suggestions

  • A list of suggested articles or resources that will help you implement my recommendations

During the review I will analyze,

  • The aesthetics of your site
  • Sharability
  • Compatibility for social media platforms
  • Email marketing opportunities
  • Monetization suggestions
  • & more

I only accept a limited number of reviews per month so if you want to reserve your space click the button below and we will get started! 


Client Reviews



"my blog was all over the place with different niches and now I have a following that actually stays with me"

The blog review really helped improve the traffic I was getting to my blog and making it stay there! Before McKinzie, my blog was all over the place with different niches and now I have a following that actually stays with me. She was so kind and friendly in her review and still gave me the HELPFUL critique that I needed.

Gloria, The Heartbreak Diet


"I love my site so much more." 

Thanks so much for the review. It’s taken me 6 days to get through the entire video, but I finally did it, haha! I’ve already adjusted most of the visual changes you suggested and love my site so much more. 

There were a few things you mentioned that I knew needed to be changed, but had completely put them on the back burner or didn’t feel like figuring them out. I’m so glad you were able to point them out to remind me about them and give the motivation to dig in deeper and get it fixed. 

I really appreciate all of your insight and will definitely be going back to your video as a resource and all of the links you sent. You’re awesome!

Lauren, Confidence For The Chaos