How to Make a Big Impression With a Tiny Pinterest Following

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Ready? You don’t need thousands of followers to make a HUGE impression on Pinterest.

One of the Pinterest accounts I manage has a teeny tiny following. Right now there are 258 followers. There is a good chance you already have that many followers on your own account.

The difference between your account and this account is that with only 258 followers I am averaging over 20,000 impressions A DAY!

That means this little account is getting 8000% more impressions than it has followers. That means this little Pinterest board has over 600,000 impressions each month.

Wondering how you can get this kind of engagement on your Pinterest account? Then get a notebook and keep reading. Today I am going to share all of my juicy Pinterest details with you.

Pinterest Case Study

As I write this post this account is at 258 followers on Pinterest.

On any scale, this would be considered a small Pinterest account.

The average daily impressions over a two-week period are just below 22,000 a day. If you look at the left-hand side of the graph our most recent date hit 40,000 impressions in one day. The great thing is this is all organic traffic. I haven’t spent a penny on Pinterest Ads.

Create Your Bio

Use your bio on your Pinterest page to help others find you in the Pinterest search engine.

1.     Include keywords for your niche.

2.     Use words in your bio that are categories on Pinterest (ex. Design, DIY and Crafts, Hair and Beauty, Photography, Women’s Fashion etc.).

Create Targeted Boards

On Pinterest you want to pin others content as well as you own.

I recommend having…

1.     A board exclusively for your own content. This is where you will showcase all of you work. Articles from your website, reviews for your product, etc. Make sure each pin has a description with keywords for your industry.

2.     Two other boards which you want to be extra focused on and are most related to your product, service, website, etc.  This one is incredibly important. I would recommend adding at least 200-300 pins on each of these boards. Have your ideal customer or reader in mind and pin content THEY would be interested in. This may not always be what you are interested in. Make sure these boards have strong descriptions again with relevant keywords.

3.     Plus at least 10 more boards on relevant topics in your niche. These boards you should aim to have at least 50 pins on each of these boards to get started. Same rules apply as above.

The Perfect Pin 

Make sure your pins are

  • Tall vertical images
  • Bright high-resolution images
  • Descriptive (descriptions between 100-200 characters get more repins)

Frequency of Pinning

On this Pinterest account I on average pin 40 times per day. When building this account I used Tailwind to schedule out my pins and I would schedule 30 per day.

After the boards had a larger number of pins I began using Boardbooster’s looping feature. Boardbooster is Pinterest automation at its finest. Once I had each of the boards on this account to between 50-300 pins each I began looping the boards.

My largest board is just over 500 pins. I have this set to loop 12 pins each day. The brands board I loop 8 pins a day and then approximately another 20 pins each day from my other boards.

Group Boards

Maybe you have heard that group boards are the way to go to get eyes on your pins. In some cases, I would say absolutely YES! However, not all Pinterest boards are created equally.

For this specific account, I only pin to one group board and it is very infrequently. I instead focus on having strong boards, descriptions, and pins that I know my followers are interested in seeing.

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