Stumped on how to drive traffic to your blog? I’ll let you in on a little secret…it’s Pinterest.




By the third month of my blog I was getting over 20,000 monthly pageviews and over 80% of that traffic was from Pinterest!

Want a sneak peek of the lesson plans? Here is what you are in for when you sign up for the free course!

Day 1: Pinterest 101 - Lay the foundation by understanding the key players in Pinterest.

Day 2: Anatomy of a Pin - Learn how to strategically create and pin content that will make your site go viral!

Day 3: Pinterest Management Tools - Don’t have time to be on Pinterest all day? I’m sharing three Pinterest tools that can automate your pinning.

Day 4: Pinterest Myths - Do hashtags work on Pinterest? Plus 7 other Pinterest myths debunked.

Day 5: Pinterest Fails - The Pinterest mistakes you could be making that will stunt your growth.