Become A LipSense SeneGence Distributor + Get A Free Color



Hey friend! 

I've been getting so many questions about how to become a LipSense / SeneGence Distributor, so I wanted to put the answers all in one place to make it super easy for you. 

I am super passionate about helping you reach your goals in this business because becoming a SeneGence distributor has completely changed my life and I want that for you too. 


🚙  I have earned a free car, 

🌴  A trip to Costa Rica, 

🙋🏼 Made so many friends, 

💰  Make 2x per month what I made at my full-time job before I became a stay-at-home-mom, 

👶🏻  Plus, my husband was able to quit his soul-sucking million hour a week job so we could spend more time together as family. 

If you know you want to become a SeneGence / LipSense distributor you can read more about my story on why I became a LipSense distributor or you can click here directly to sign up

If you would like to talk to me before you sign up feel free to email me at and I'll email you back ASAP! 


Q. How old do i have to be, to be a LipSense/ SeneGence distributor?

A. You have to be 18 or older. 

Q. How much does it cost to sign up as a SeneGence distributor?

A: It is only $55 to sign up! And then you get 20-50% off all of your orders. It is a super affordable way to start your own business!

Q. Do I have to signup under someone?

A. Yes, you do have to sign up under someone. This person will become your trainer and will answer your questions and help you succeed in the business. If you try to sign up without a sponsors number SeneGence will randomly pair you with another distributor. If you want to sign up under me just click on the button below 😊


Q. Can I signup under you, even though you live in a different state?

A. And yes, you can sign up under me even if you are in a different state. We have girls on our team now in almost every state and because of that I do all of the trainings online. We do live training calls where you girls can interact and ask questions, get feedback on business ideas, and learn new business strategies.

Q. Are you still offering a free color when I sign up under you?

A. Yes! When you sign up and place your first order I will personally mail you a color from my inventory. However, I may not be doing this for much longer, so if you want that bonus incentive I would sign up soon (as long as this post is still here I will honor it). 

Q. When I went to sign up it says that most of the product is sold out. Is it an issue to get the products?

A. SeneGence grew by over 1700% in the first quarter this year and scaling up that much, that fast is tricky so it was an issue for a couple months. However, they now have been able to secure their new manufacturing facilities, hire tons of new people, and increase their production rates.

They didn't want to just "put a bandaid on" the problem and have it fail again in a few months so instead they invested a little more time into creating a secure solution that would be scalable with the business for years to come.

Lately, there are usually around 25-30 colors in stock at a time (out of a total of 36 colors), plus a wide selection of the other SeneGence products and they usually do a restock of more products a few times a week.


Q. Do you know when the Lip Kits will be available?

A. Yes, the Lip Kits will be available in early October and you will be able to purchase the kits then. For now, there are about 25+ colors in stock as well as many other glosses, shadows and other products carried by SeneGence

Q. Can I sign up as a SeneGence distributor for personal use?

A. Yes! You totally can and I would say at least 50% of the distributors do. It is a great way to get an amazing product for an awesome price.

Q. Are there any monthly minimums for ordering?

A. There are no monthly minimums or auto-ship. The only minimum to stay active as a SeneGence distributor is to do 100 PV (equivalent to $200 retail) every six months.

Q. What if I don’t have a lot of money to get started? Can I still sign up as a SeneGence distributor?

A. Yes! I didn’t have a lot of money either when I was first getting started! What I did is I took “pre-orders” for about a week and used the profits from those sales to go in and place my first bulk order. It is a super low risk way to do it and that way I didn’t have to dig into my savings to get started. If you want to chat more about how to do that let me know and I’ll help you get started.

Q. Do I have to carry inventory?

A. No! You can totally just order when your customers want to place an order. If you don’t want to carry inventory, most girls will just have set days 1-2x per month when they order. They let their customers know that they will be ordering on those specific days if they want their products.

Q. Why should I pick you as my sponsor?

A. Oh, great question! I have over five years of online marketing experience and love to share my best strategies with you! Between my Facebook group and Facebook Page I have over 15,000 followers on my SeneGence distributor pages!

I also am personally am a lot more involved than many of the other leaders.

I’ve created an online course with tons of training from everything from how to place your first order, to product knowledge to how to increase your engagement in your Facebook group. I also do consistent training in our team group, do live video coaching calls/mastermind groups (usually 3-7 girls at a time so I can focus in on each person individually), and we’ve even done a book club.

Q. What will happen once I sign up?

A. Immediately after signing up you will get an email from SeneGence welcoming you as a LipSense / SeneGence distributor. I will also get an email that you’ve signed up and I’ll reach out to you to welcome you personally and invite you to our team group and give you access to the training course that is exclusively for our team. Then over the next month I will send you a series of emails with helpful tips and advice to help you reach your goals in the first month.

I’ll be there for you every step of the way! You will never be alone on this journey!


If you are ready to sign up and be on the most fun team ever, follow the steps below,

1. Click here and it will take you to the SeneGence signup page. 

2. Verify that it says that McKinzie Bean is your sponsor (that's me! 😊 )

3. On the next screen enter in your contact information

4. When it asks for a fictitious business name, put in your first and last name (this is who your checks will be made out to)

5. Click that you want the new distributor package and you are done!

I'll be emailing you in just a minute to welcome you to the team and help you get started!

Have another question? Comment below or send me an email at Talk to you soon!